The company “TOBIA CIRCUS” is composed by one
single performer.
Marco Borghetti trained as a clown at the “School of
Circus and Theatrical Arts”
. He attended several clownerie
workshops with teachers such as Bano Ferrari, Avner,
Paolo Nani, Marcello Magni, Philip Radice and Rita Pelusio
He currently works with the acting association “2 etti e
mezzo” and works as a teaching in the school “Teatro
dell’Armadillo”. He tours in squares with his clownerie show: “Equilibrium Tremens”.
He taked part in different festivals:

Sant Gallen (CH), Festimome (F), Fof (I), Bilboko
Kalealdia (ES), Kleines Fest (D), Act Alone (IS),
ASAF (KR), Passage festival (DK), Onderstroom (NL),
Umore Azoka (ES), Ofca (PL), Pfalsterspektakel-Linzer
(AT), Cirque e Fanfares Dole (F), Artisti in piazza-
Pennabilli (I), Zirkart Festival (D), Schaubudensommer
Festival (D),Festival of fools (Belfast-IRL), Nuit des
Merveilles (L), Ascona (CH), ABC festival (I), Lugano
buskers festival (CH), AnaMraz (SLO), Bamberg (D),
Vevey (CH), La strada-Ausburg (D), Mercantia (I),
Asfaltart (I), Doca festival (UK), O mundo ao
contràrio(P), National Circus Festival (IRE) and many