The company “TOBIA CIRCUS” is composed by one single performer. Marco Borghetti trained as a clown at the “School of Circus and Theatrical Arts”. He attended several clownerie workshops with teachers such as Bano Ferrari, Avner, Paolo Nani, Marcello Magni, Philip Radice. He currently works with the acting association “2 etti e mezzo”. He is a member of the tumblers of Cascina Torchierasenzacqua and tours in squares with his clownerie show: “Equilibrium Tremens”.

He taked part in different festivals:

Bilboko Kalealdia (ES), Kleines Fest (D), Act Alone (IS), ASAF (KR), Passage festival (DK), Onderstroom (NL), Umore Azoka (ES), Ofca (PL), Pfalsterspektakel-Linzer (AT), Cirque e Fanfares Dole (F), Artisti in piazza-Pennabilli (I), Zirkart Festival (D), Schaubudensommer Festival (D),Festival of fools (Belfast-IRL), Nuit des Merveilles (L), Ascona (CH), Lugano buskers festival (CH), AnaMraz (SLO), Vevey (CH), La strada-Ausburg (D), Mercantia (I), Asfaltart (I), Doca festival (UK), O mundo ao contràrio(P), National Circus Festival (IRE) and many others.